Mike Jadon, Board Director, CEO & Co-Founder
Mike has twenty years of experience in memory storage and multi-processing.  Prior to co-founding Radian, he was a principal and G.M. at Micro Memory where he led the transformation of the business into an IP oriented company that developed clustered multi-processing solutions and advanced storage devices.  This included creating the Umem line which became the industry’s leading PCI/PCIe NVRAM storage device for OEMs.  The transformation resulted in a significant technology portfolio that doubled Micro Memory’s revenues and led to an acquisition by partner VMEtro, where he continued in his position as G.M. and took on the additional role of U.S. CTO.  After VMEtro was acquired by Curtiss-Wright, Mike continued to lead the memory storage and processing group, exceeding revenue and profit milestones each quarter.

Robert Lercari, Vice President of Engineering & Co-Founder
At Micro Memory, Robert designed a patented system to support async/sync mirroring of non-volatile PCI memory in highly available, N+1 scalable storage clusters.  As the Director of Engineering, he led a senior R&D staff of software, hardware, and logic designers that produced the Umem line of NVRAM storage devices and the company’s multi-processing line.  Based on an internally developed, zero-copy RDMA software framework, the multi-processing product line connected dense compute, DSP and storage blades over a serial switch fabric backplane.  Robert started his career at Computer Sciences Corp., where he designed the hardware and software for a real time, reflective memory network that supported a 32-node synchronous compute cluster.