Radian Memory Systems
Open-Channel 2 solution


Radian Memory Systems’ SSD implementation with an Open-Channel 2* compliant interface

Starting with its new RMS-350 SSD, Radian is offering a configuration that leverages some of its innovative CFM functionality into an implementation that is compliant with the new Open-Channel 2 interface specification.

This functionality includes Radian technology such as ‘Idealized Flash’, the ASL Configurator, Cooperative and ‘Decoupled’ Wear Leveling, Cooperative and ‘Decoupled’ NAND Maintenance, and several other specialized Radian features that uniquely enable delivering a data center class SSD product that has an Open-Channel 2 complaint interface.

Idealized Flash

• Geometry emulation abstracts NAND geometry and vendor-specific attributes
• Maintains alignment to the physical memory array
• Abstracts device’s internal management of bad blocks
• Presents ‘Idealized Flash’ to the host

ASL Configurator

• Address Space Layout configurator presents hosts with contiguous logical addressing (no gaps) for direct access by modern host software stacks
• Can subdivide NAND memory into iso-boxes that appear like independent block devices
• Optimizes opposing performance and efficiency tradeoffs unique to Flash memory


1434855273_FEZ-03 Radian Open-Channel 2 implementation

Cooperative and ‘Decoupled’ Wear Leveling

• Controller generates wear related metrics and makes them accessible to the host
• Different host-owned, memory controller-owned and shared cooperative modes to offload and simplify host controlled wear leveling
• Enables vendor supported warranties

Cooperative and ‘Decoupled’ NAND Maintenance

• Device handles low level NAND maintenance activities for data retention and to prevent disturbs
• Performs these activities cooperatively under deterministic host scheduling to minimize unpredictable latency spikes





*Open-Channel Specification Revision 2.0, January 29, 2018