Dual Port NVRAM U.2 SSD

High Availability device for
Caching, Write-Ahead Logging, Journaling


  • Dual port 2×2 or single port 1×4
  • Hot Plug and Surprise Remove
  • DWord byte addressable or NVMe block addressable
  • Unlimited write endurance
  • 8GB and 16GB capacities, potential for 32GB
  • U.2 form factor with internal power – no cabling to remote power packs

The RMS-375 is a NV-RAM device in a U.2 2.5” form factor with up to 16GB of the lowest latency memory (DDR4) available on a NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 device. The memory is fully host controlled and can be accessed via Programmed I/O (mmap) and NVMe DMA transfers. The interface is available in either single port x4 or dual port 2×2 configurations with support for various modes of NVMe Hot-Swap.

Unlimited Endurance (DWPD) + Non-Volatile

NAND Flash and certain storage class memories have a limited number of Drive-Writes-Per-Day (DWPD) that is often inadequate for write intensive applications like caching, logging, buffering and journaling. The RMS-375 utilizes DD4 memory that provides unlimited write endurance and is made non-volatile by an internal power backup system that is fully contained in the same U.2 2.5” form factor SSD. No secondary drive slot is required for auxiliary power or tethering cables to a remote power system.

Dual Port mode for Active/Active Controllers

• Dual Port 2×2 NVMe device
• Shared NVMe namespace accessible from either port
• Namespace can easily be confi gured into dedicated
partitions for each host
• Partner host can access alternate partition on failover
• Avoids complex inter-host coordination

In dual port 2×2 mode, a single shared NVMe NV-RAM namespace is accessible from either port and can be partitioned so that each host can safely write to its own partition without complex inter-host coordination.  Both hosts can mount and read from either partition based on sharing permissions. If a host becomes inoperative due to failure or maintenance events, the partner host can access the inoperative host’s NV-RAM partition by mounting the partition using standard primitives and permissions.

Hot Swap Functionality

The RMS-375 includes Hot Swap capabilities for High Availability including the following:
• Hot-Plug
• Hot-Swap
• Surprise Hot-Add
• Surprise Hot-Remove


1434855273_FEZ-03 RMS-375 Product Overview


NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4



The SSD’s fault tolerance capabilities ensure data integrity and protect against shorn writes through these Hot Swap events and unplanned power interruptions.  However, each of these features is platform dependent, requiring complementary support and interoperability from the CPU/motherboard, bios, OS, and PCIe fabric.