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Radian Hybrid Flash SSDs and NVRAM accelerators include DiaLog (Diagnostic Logging), a host accessible, embedded diagnostic facility that includes various monitoring functions related to predictive/preventive maintenance, reliability, and continuous process and product improvement.

These capabilities target both Radian’s own internal use for Design Verification and Production Test processes, and use by OEM customers throughout their Qualification, Production Test, Field Deployment, Repair, and End-of-Life phases.

On-board health monitoring of components and events are tracked utilizing an I2C network and communicated to the host.  Tracking and communication have default settings that are user configurable.   Status is communicated to the host on an on-going basis and when conditions exceed predefined ranges.  DiaLog errors are reported using the NVMe asynchronous notification mechanism and NVMe GetLog requests.

Histograms of all measurements are stored in logs for configurable durations.  In addition to assisting in predictive failure and service analysis, this information is a valuable tool in meaningful RMA failure analysis.

Event Logging


Measurements include:

  • Capacitors including capacitance, restore and charge rates
  • Temperatures, voltages, currents
  • Hardware shorts and opens
  • DRAM errors and corrections
  • Flash P/E cycles and wear metrics, errors, correctable bits in error, program/read/erase times, disturbs and data scrubbing
  • Time and duration of event and event-specific data
  • Various counters accumulate statistics over the life of the device