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1434855273_FEZ-03  2020: Radian’s ZNS SSD with RocksDB, ZenFS, and gzbd-viewer

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1434855273_FEZ-03  2020: IBM Research’s integration of Radian’s Zoned Flash SSD with the SALSA storage stack

1434855273_FEZ-03  2020: Porting Radian’s Block Translation Layer (BTL) to SPDK

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1434855273_FEZ-03  2019: SNIA Storage Developer Conference: “Zoned Flash SSDs in Advanced Storage Systems

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1434855273_FEZ-03  2019 Flash Memory Summit Presentation: Fast Integration and Furious Performance with Zoned Flash Drives

1434855273_FEZ-03  2016: SNIA Storage Developer Conference: TradeOffs of FTL, Open-Channel, and Symphonic Cooperative Flash Management

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1434855273_FEZ-03  2015 SNIA Storage Developer Conference: Integrating Cooperative Flash Management with SMR Technology

1434855273_FEZ-03  2015 Flash Memory Summit Presentation: Replacing the FTL with Cooperative Flash Management


Product Overviews


Zoned Namespaces


1434855273_FEZ-03 Zoned Namespaces Product Overview


Symphonic CFM


1434855273_FEZ-03 Symphonic Data Sheet

1434855273_FEZ-03 Symphonic Product Overview


Open-Channel 2


1434855273_FEZ-03 Radian’s SSD implementation with an Open-Channel 2 compliant interface




1434855273_FEZ-03 RMS-375 Data Sheet


RMS-350 Flash SSD


1434855273_FEZ-03 RMS-350 Data Sheet


RMS-325 Flash SSD


1434855273_FEZ-03 RMS-325 Data Sheet




1434855273_FEZ-03 RMS-300 Data Sheet


RMS-250 Flash SSD


1434855273_FEZ-03 RMS-250 Data Sheet




1434855273_FEZ-03 RMS-200 Data Sheet


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