CALABASAS, Calif., September 18, 2019 — Next week at the SNIA Storage Developer’s Conference (SDC) in Santa Clara, Ca., Radian Memory Systems will provide a live demonstration with two industry first milestones for Zoned Flash SSDs.  This includes Zoned Flash drives operating in…

  • Dual Port mode
  • Multi-Drive Volumes

The demonstration will showcase a four drive volume based upon Radian’s RMS-350 Zoned Flash U.2 SSDs, with each SSD accessed concurrently in dual port 2×2 mode from separate host controllers in AIC®’s HA202-PH storage server.  Each controller will run Radian’s log structured Block Translation Layer under a 70/30 4K Read/4K Write workload generated by the fio tester.

The RMS-350 is a fault tolerant, dual port U.2 NVMe SSD available with up to 12GB of User NV-RAM and up to 16TB of configurable Zoned Flash storage.

Zoned Namespaces (ZNS)
Targeting compliance with the forthcoming Zoned Namespaces (ZNS) specification from the NVM Express™ industry standards organization, Radian’s implementation of Zoned Flash includes unique functionality that earned it the 2019 Flash Memory Summit’s ‘Most Innovative Technology’ award for SSD firmware.

These same capabilities can be found in the original Radian Symphonic™ CFM technology that the Radian Zoned Namespaces implementation is based upon, which also won the ‘Most Innovative Technology’ award at FMS, in 2015.  This functionality ranges from configurable zones and isolated regions, to Idealized Flash and Relaxed Write Pointers, Decoupled Wear Leveling and NAND Maintenance, to Delegated Copy Move and several other specialized features.

Block Translation Layer
By emulating a log structured storage management layer, Radian’s host resident Block Translation Layer provides Logical-to-Physical address translation, cleaning segments (zones) and relocating valid data.  This not only addresses the SDF benchmarking requirements for garbage collection and serializing in-place overwrites, but provides a direct analog to storage engines found in most purpose-built All-Flash Arrays, Key Value Stores, hyperconverged and Software-Defined Storage frameworks that dominate modern on-premises and hyperscale data centers.

This demonstration involves two instances of the Block Translation Layer (BTL) and four RMS-350 4TB Zoned Flash SSDs.  A single instance of the Block Translation Layer (BTL) resides on each of the system’s two Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processors.  Each instance of the BTL accesses one port and 2TB of each of the four RMS-350 Zoned Flash SSDs, representing a single 8TB volume.  The fio tester is configured to run a 70/30 4K Read/4K Write workload.

In addition to providing this live demonstration at SDC, Radian’s Vice President of Engineering, Robert Lercari, will be presenting a talk on “Zoned Flash in Advanced Storage Systems” on Monday, September 23, at 3:30 p.m.  SNIA’s SDC 2019 will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, Ca., September 23 – 26, bringing system OEMs, end users, device vendors, and domain experts together in the premiere technical industry conference for data center storage.

About Radian Memory Systems
Radian Memory Systems, Inc. develops technology and products that target system OEMs, cloud providers, and licensing to device manufacturers.  Founded in 2010, thousands of the company’s NVMe storage devices have been successfully deployed in data center applications by some of the industry’s largest OEMs.  To learn more about Radian Memory Systems contact the company at (U.S.) 818 222 4080,, or visit

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