NV-RAM vs. 3D X-Point

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NV-RAM vs. 3D XPoint

Write Latency @ 99.99% QoS
100% 4K Random Write
We also found most of the mean average write latencies for Optane to be quite good.  But the products being tested here target data center requirements, not workstations or SMB solutions.  As a result of scalability requirements, data center storage metrics today focus more on tail latencies than mean average latencies.  These tail latencies can be characterized by their Quality of Service (QoS) level.  Driven by cloud providers over the last several years, the four nines measurement has become the most common QoS metric for storage device latency and is where we focused our testing.

To measure a spectrum of write tail latencies, we again kept 2 worker threads constant and swept device level IOD by increasing queue depth per thread.  While the Optane did well, its write tail latencies ranged from 41% to 131% higher than the NV-RAM drive.

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